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Leather Wallet Cleaning

It feels important that our leather wallets always seems fresh and age like a wine ,in that way the question of how to clean a leather wallet plays and important role, and comes with the steps to do with protecting and moisturizing the leather. Quality leather wallets occurs a patina over time and gets to seem better with age. We seek that to happen. Therefore, we are aiming to show you how to clean a leather wallet in a way that preserves its unique quality and beauty.

We can use these tools while cleaning the leather ;

  • A couple of soft cloths

  • Optionally straw

  • Cleaner of leather


  1. In the first step, we have to ensure there is not anything in wallet itself, leather should totally be free of any dirt. In this way, leather is going to become a natural form of itself

  2. In order to reach into the corners of the interior, using a straw to blow out any lint helps at first, then dirt that might be hiding. Later, shake out anything that has been hiding.


  1. Cloth that is being used, should be dry and clean, simply wipe down the exterior of your wallet to remove any basic surface dust and dirt.

  2. The exterior of the wallet at first should be wiped down with a cleaner that is directly modified for leather. Empoze the cleaner with a clean and smooth cloth in a circular movement, later elect with a slightly cloth to get rid of clogging the stomas of the leather.

  3. Apply a conditioner directly modified for leather wallet that you are using.Then empoze the conditioner towards a clean cloth, then ensure to rub over the whole leather wallet, taking special care around any adornments.

For totally 5 steps of cleaning leather wallets ,definitely helps our customers to enjoy the feeling of quality leather for many years.

Kindly remind yourself you do not have to make apply to leather cleaning very often.Consider leather as a natural classy and ages in its own circumstances.Feel free to apply to clean your leather wallet twice a year unless the wallet exposes an uncared usage over time.

Feel with leather


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