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Get to Know Us

leFather is an Istanbul-based company that grew up in Bolu, the city of Turkey's leather industry,acting with the statement that you cannot become a master of a job that you have not apprenticed,

For many years, entrepreneur founders with knowledge and experience in the export and leather manufacturing sector have implemented the leFather brand, which adopts a customer-oriented service approach.

Everyone in the team is an expert in their field and carefully selected, all operational processes from production to export and marketing are at the level of professionalism.

It is carried on with the meticulousness of being an example to the whole sector with its team strength and perspective that supports domestic production.

By offering %100 full grain leather accessories in various sizes and colors,leFather comes with the passion of serving multiple selections to its B2B business partners. By handling all the production in Bolu,Turkey ,our manufactured full grain leather belts,bags,wallets,shoes for both men and women are manufactured in the highest quality that has been developed through gained experience of more than a decade.

With the focus on designing the classy pieces of leather goods to be worn in perfect condition overmore than multiple years besides reflecting the unique quality of both Turkish and Italian classy vibes together, appreciates the process of leather manufacturing of leFather in the best way.

leather company
leather company

Industry and Us

leFather has brought a new breath to the industry with designs that combine quality and elegance.

leFather, producing from Turkey to the world and growing day by day,

It has 3 leather workshops, a head office, an export office and warehouses abroad.

All products of the brand, which stands out with modern and configurable designs in line with customer demands, are 100% full grain leather, handmade and domestic production.

Natural and sustainable, environmentally friendly herbal tannins are used in the production of all products.

Expanding its product range with firm steps in line with tastes and demands, leFather impresses its customers with its wide product range thanks to its high volume production capacity.

The brand, which set out with the sensitivity of domestic production in order to contribute to the country's economy, has also reached a loyal customer portfolio in a short time with its pre-sales and after-sales customer services.

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