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What to do if my leather wallet gets wet?

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

We all heard about keeping our leather accessories dry. However,we are not always in a position to keep leather products of ours safe.Considering accidentally put our leather wallet into a wet table or even washing machine.Of course,this is not something that we desire,but there are ways to retain the quality of leather accessories of ours after getting wet. When we talk about genuine leather accessories,they are vulnarable to be in a position get wet and may lose their effectiveness if proper actions are not immediately taken. Don’t worry,Lefather is here to help you to life back your leather accessories in case of getting wet, Here are some steps you can do to protect your leather wallet or bag as an example; First step to make the leather dry,wiping leather to clean all the liquid drops causing the leather become wet, seems a good idea at first step.In this moment,do not consider to facilitate the drying process with a hair dryer or something similar,that makes the leather wallet vulnerable and may cause the product lose its quality. As a second step ,let the leather wallet dry for a while in a room temperature,but be careful you shoud not wait until the leather wallet or bag becomes fully dry.Just a while is enough at this step. Then,you can put some conditioner to replenish the moisture and oils to bring back the origin of leather wallet has.While implementing the conditioner ,try to put your finger in a position of message with small motions. As final step,in terms of wallet leather ,you can put a business card in order to seperate back and fronts of leather to facilitate the conditioning process to become more effective. By being aware of how to clean leather accessories to retain lifelong product,there is no worry if your leather wallet gets wet in an unexpected situation. Feel with leather LeFather

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